Fancy a time out?

Steam bath 45° Celsius

Immerse yourself in various aromas inspired by nature & surrounded by one of the most original materials available: polished stone.

Finnish sauna 85° Celsius

It’s time to sweat, surrounded by soothing warmth and fragrant wood. The hot stone stove allows you to control the intensity of your sauna session by infusions.

Infrared lounge 40° Celsius

Our infrared lounge offers relaxation for all senses. Warming infrared light from all sides and a soothing play of light helps you forget everyday worries and allows you to purely relax.

Infrared seat with Kneipp basin

In our infrared seat with Kneipp basin, you are awaited by a harmonious interplay between soothing warmth & an invigorating feeling of freshness.

Relaxation room

Listen to the soothing crackling of the fireplace and let the unique view across the sea of mountain peaks take effect on you.

Tea bar

To create your break from relaxation as unique as possible, as well, you will find a large selection of wonderful teas and fresh, purest spring water at our tea bar. Take a rest in our lounge area and consciously think about nothing at all.

Wellness showers

To crown your visit in our wellness area, we recommend our wellness showers. They will wash away the remaining rest of your everyday worries and prepare you for new adventures.

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